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Script-writing schmuck on board (1 Viewer)

Hello, my name is gringo, and I've only recently taken an interest in writing. I enjoy writing scripts for things like comics and small skits, but I can't tell you how many comic projects I have abandoned in the past few months due to the fact that I can't think of anything new, or just couldn't think up a good rewrite in time before the artists quit. I'm currently working on writing a TV pilot, and I'm hoping my procrastination habits do not pop back up again (though it's been four months and I've made no progress in anything other than character development).

Olly Buckle

get a notebook, write down anything and everything that strikes you as slightly oddball. Most of it will never develop into anything, but without the notes you will forget the bit you find you can use, works for me quite often. Welcome to the forum.