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About how many A4 pages is the average movie script in Courtier size 12?

I need to know approximately how much I am aiming for for it to be the right length.


Senior Member
the preferred standard in hollywood, at the moment is 110 pages on letter-sized [8.5x11"]... and under 100 for comedy... assuming it's properly formatted, that will average out to 1 page = 1 minute...

A-4 is longer and narrower, so i don't know exactly what the difference might be in page count, if any... however, if you want to submit to us agents and prodcos, it would behoove you to find a supply of letter-sized paper...

also, it's courier that is mandatory... i'm guessing your 'courtier' was a typo or freudian slip ;-)...

you can email me for a format guide, if you need one... a lot of those i mentor are aspiring screenwriters, so i also have lots of info on all the basics, if you've any other questions...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]