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Scribble, Scribble

There goes my pen

Nothing, nothing

But instant flashes of graphite

Ignite the rulers

Inspiring them to make

Their marks on this blank space

I will soon call a poem


Scribble, Scribble

I jot down my meaningless thoughts

Drivel, Drivel

Comes right out

My pen speaks nonsense

But doesn’t lack substance

And usually poetry is my natural

Hobby-horse to ride

Now, of course, I

Have a mighty need to

Scribble, Scribble

Two Tickets

Something to eat

A laundry list of rubbish

Albeit incomplete, and

Maybe just maybe

In all that stuff I’m

Scribbling, Scribbling

I might hit a spark.

Then I will write

People will smell the ink

Off the drivel, drivel- ridden

Pages I wrote before

Heads will turn

Maybe roll off their shoulders

Broad or narrow

Whether it’s my writing or their shoulders

Lurching In

They’ll hear my pen sing

The same old song and dance, dance

Out the door.

Oh well, I guess

They didn’t learn to scribble,

“Scribble before you speak”,

Or Heavens forbid,

Be a kid again.

What madness would that be like?

I wonder as I scribble, scribble

My days away,

Not doing any “real writing”.

Well how should I know?!

I’m (Supposed to be) A Writer!

But my creatures of creative thought

scribbled scribbled their last scrawl.

Back to the drawing board it is then,


On the non-dominant hand

I draw like I think

That’s how I write on the black space


Filled to the brim with words

What could they mean though?

After I spent an entire eon

Writing for the sake of writing

Scribbling for the sake of

Scribbling scribbling

Just to produce


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Oh my goodness- this is fantastic- any writer would connect with this piece. The word scribble will be floating in my mind for days.

welcome to the community you're a wonderful addition to WF.


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Thank you for your comments. You made me very happy. I’m glad to be such an asset. I just hope I made 10 reply posts before I made my own first two written posts here lol. [emoji28]

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Good news! New members are no longer required to make 10 posts before they can share their work on Poets' Showcase :) Our one request is that they don't post more than two poems in 24 hours. :)


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Glad I just now post only two poems then, without going over. I have loads tho but I’ll refrain from posting any more atm.

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I did and I think I pm the contest host my submission in private. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that tho lol.

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