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Hey, my name is Kay and I'm going to school to get my MFA in screenwriting out here in Sunny Southern California. I graduate in May and then I got to elbow my way into the biz. I love to chat story and ask questions to develop my stories and others. I'm known for meaty, but not really vicious feedback at school and it's only to make the story better, it has nothing to do with the writer.

I want some time on forums to solidify more of my beliefs about writing and to make writing friends. I'm not really into toting my own work becuase I workshop plenty at school and most of it is entwined with my schoolwork/film projects. This is sort of my non-school escape :)

Hope to provide good crits with people serious about their crafts and writing.
I'm not looking to work on any projects with anyone becuase I have enough on my plate, but I love procrastinating my own work and taking a peak at treatments, character bios, outlines, and scenes.


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It may not be your thing, but if you enjoy critiquing and reviewing as much as you say, if you have the time I'd love for you to take a look at a short story intro I just last night completely rewrote. In return I'd be glad to check out your work if you so wish.

Hello and welcome to the forums. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet... but stay away from the orange Jello.