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Screen play concept (1 Viewer)


Robert West

A character fueled, not quite unrealistic, not quite campy, almost action movie called The Life and Times of Shooter McCool. Shooter McCool is a working man from Nashville Tennessee. His journey begins when he attacks his boss in anger. His boss is J.P. Updegraff, a wealthy and powerful man with mob ties. We follolw the Anti-hero as he flees on motorcycle and runs into the lovely Heather Phoenix. this is really and old motorcycle movie in the vein of East Rider with a new spin and a little romance. Would you go see it?


Senior Member
Hi Robert, nice to meet ya. I am intrigued by your idea. Not sure if I'd see it becuase I'm not entirely sure what it's about yet. Here's the questions I come up with while reading:

It really depends on the character of Shooter McCool. Is he superbly efficient and badass? Or a Blue Collar worker who just has a rinkety old bike he works on in his spare time? Is the mob going after Shooter becuase of the attack on his boss?

These are the parts that give me trouble with your tone: "not quite" unrealistic, "not quite" campy, and "almost" action movie. If it isn't these things, what is it? What about a "hyperrealistic" character fueled story in an over the top, action movie world? Probably not exactly what you want, but this is clearer. This way I'm not measuring up the quites.

The homage to Easy rider with a new twist and a little romance clues me in more... but I'm not sure what the new spin is.

Care to repost and tell us a bit more? Love to hear it.