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Scott Westerfeld.. Succession Series - Decent Sci-fi? (1 Viewer)


I read both of these books several months ago.. and I might go out to the library, and get them again, just to refresh my memory...

I wonder if anyone else has read this book.. If so, what did you think?

Yes I am young, but what I encountered in these two books were so.. refreshing, so new to me. Some of the concepts were so marvelous, so incredible that they made me bounce with delight wanting to see what would happen.. what they would be capable of.

Sadly, so many things seem to have been left out, so much possible depth cast away for the apparent page limit constricting the books, but gawd, the concepts.. now I definately have to get them again just so I remember the theroies I want to look up and research :D
Well, I also read both of those books two months ago, and I'd tend to agree with you; the concepts are awesome, but they're just not long enough. I'd prefer for the author to go into more detail, about the lore of the Midnighters and stuff like that, just because I'm the type of person who likes reading the background. Maybe it wouldn't even have to be in the story, but for it to be in, say, a back glossary where there was a small history of the darklings and the midnighters, and that would be nice.