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Scientist by Day, Writer by Night (1 Viewer)

Hello everyone. I'm not usually very social, but I thought I might get more out of a forum where discussions can be more long-form than I do on Twitter (which I don't use that often). I have schizoid personality disorder and only rarely interact with anyone offline.

About me: my education is in biochemistry. I received my Masters from the University of Colorado, Boulder, after dropping out of the PhD program due to mental health and substance abuse issues. I've been a voracious reader since a young age. Probably 97% of what I read now is non-fiction - usually science, philosophy, and history. I write non-fiction on a blog, I occasionally write poetry that I guess would be considered non-fiction, and I write science fiction novels. I've self-published, but I haven't had any luck with querying agents or publishers.

Anyway, I look forward to becoming a part of this forum, though I imagine my presence will be somewhat sporadic.


Hello! I'm glad you found WF. Congrats on earning your Masters, that is a great achievement. Sorry to hear that the PhD didn't work out. We have voracious reading since youth in common. Please come on in and meet the community, you're very welcome.