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Santa has come down our chimney!!! (1 Viewer)


Staff member

And it is snowing Gold!!!


Have you noticed that a great deal of our members have been turning a lovely shade of Christmas gold, lately?


This is because WF has been visited by a

Secret Santa!!!


This Santa has been busily gifting members with FoWF subscriptions while no one is watching.

Thank you, Santa for spreading a bit of Christmas Cheer on us all!



Anyone can now 'gift' a FoWF subscription to another member, if you wish. Just click on the link below and you too can be a Secret Santa, (just contact a member of Admin to be anonymous).

Or just as a lovely gesture of friendship to another member.

FoWF Merry Christmas Gift!!!



Friends of WF
Well, now this post explains the mystery of my gift from "anonymous". I wish I knew who it is so I can personally and directly thank them for showering me with a generous gift. But since I do not know the identity, this sincerely said thank you will have to do. Thank you to the secret Santa who sent me this lovely gift. :)