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Salutations! (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone, My name is Mike, I am a somewhat average 25 year old with a very active imagination.
I am from America, but currently live in Sicily, which is full of history and culture.
I joined these forums because I feel it's time to buckle down and finally write the novel I have always wanted to write.
I am a published writer in a variety of small publications such as newspapers and trade journals, but I have yet to write anything that I am truely proud of, or that I believe is a reflection of my skill as a story teller.
I love reading Fantasy novels, as well as a variety of non fiction works. I would love to someday be considered on par with Steven King, or George R.R. Martin, two of my personal favorites.

I have writen a variety of short stories over the years, but I find I rarely finish anything I start, which is a very unfortunate flaw of mine, that hopefully I can fix by frequently visiting this forum.
My other major flaw would have to be spelling... While I have a better then average vocabulary, I have a hard time writing anything without a spell check. Unfortunatly, my new lap-top is italian, which means the spell check doesn't help much when it comes to works in english.
I guess it's time to go old school, with the dictionary. Hopefully as I write more, I will be able to improve my spelling habbits a bit...
However, I feel I have rambled enough... It's great to be here among some great talent :) I look forward to joining these conversations :)