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Salutaions from the Underworld (1 Viewer)



My name is sarah.
I am an extremly peculiar person. But i only let that side be shown.
I seriosuly think I need to be anaylized, but some beg to differ. I am very clever in showing what i want to be seen.
No i'm no physchopath or evil manicle person. I'm just a wacky fourteen year old girl who is not sure which path she wants so move on with.
the road less traveled by?

so yeah.
cheerleader, *don't laugh
ballerina *i heard a giggle
nerd on scholarship *i am not a nerd. shut up.

so yeah, this is strange, stressed, deranged sarah.


Senior Member
Hello Sarah and let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums. I hope you will make some friends, have fun, and get good critiques of your work :)

Have fun here!!

~ Shinn


Senior Member
Welcome !

Aren't we all a little peculiar in our own little way? Anyway, enjoy the forum and I hope it goes well for you :).