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Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico. First time here. Hoping to make some contacts that could steer me down the publishing road. I am planning on publishing a digital book for kids. Have questions about licensing and need-to-knows. For examlple. I have written my book using MS Word, used a few fonts that came with my system (or may have downloaded, can't remember) in the book, and am wondering if I have to seek some kind of licensing from somebody to use the fonts. Also, since I plan to publish the book in Adobe PDF format, do I need some kind of licensing from them too? Please and thank you.
Maybe. More a name than anything else. At one time in my early life I dreamed of working for the United Nations as a simultaneous translator. Now, I'm just a language enthusiast who picks up words and phrases here and there. Don't really claim to speak any particular language, except English, of course.


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Hi there, MrPolyglot, and welcome to the forum! As for your questions, as long as you have a licence for the programs you use, you don't have to pay them anything. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to PM me, perhaps I can be of help.



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i'm old, so humor me... what's a 'digital book'???

oh, and welcome to the site!

love and hugs, maia
A digital book is any book that is in computer format. The most common format, and the one I plan to publish my book in, is Adobe(R) PDF format. A digital book has the same appearance as a traditionally bound book, but is viewed entirely on computer, but can also be augmented with other media, such as audio, video, and other external venues such a website. Oh yeah, you most commonly need a computer to open and read the file.
Hi, thanks for responding. Sounds like you know alot. Have you done any digital publishing before? I know traditionally published/bound books need an barcode that contains the isbn number of the book; do you know if a digital book needs a barcode as well? Doesn't seem like a digital book would be handled in that same manner for selling. I know the barcodes are used to expedite the handling/selling of books, but digital books are already managed quite well in a vendors information system. Any information? Please and thank you.