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Sales Trends of my First Two Books (CHART INCLUDED) (1 Viewer)


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I'm a numbers geek, so I thought it might be interesting to compare the sales trends of my first two books. NOTE: my first one is abbreviated "ECS" and has sold 1,420 total copies, whereas my 2nd book is abbreviated "14S" and sold 2,000 total copies to date. Below are a few observations about these numbers...

1. ECS initially had stronger sales compared to 14S;

2. in late 2018, quarterly sales of 14S exceeded ECS for the first time and that trend continues to this day; and

3. while sales were already trending downward for ECS in early 2020, Covid landed a major blow to that book and it hasn't recovered since. By comparison, Covid didn't have much impact on sales of 14S.

I marketed both nonfiction books similarly (e.g., lots of book giveaways, public speeches, Amazon ads, won book awards, etc.), so its hard for me to say exactly why their sales trends are significantly different and why Covid seems to have negatively impacted one book more than the other. Thoughts?

Quarterly Book Sales for ECS vs 14S_12052020.JPG
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I am also a stats geek. So what was the title and content of each book?

ETA: Senior moment alert! they are in your signature

Maybe the secret to sales success is the choice of title


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You were half-correct! 14S does indeed stand for 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book (as shown in my signature). However, ECS stands for Engaging College Students (a college teaching guide). I have a few others books too, but those haven't had as much sales success as my first two books.

You might be correct about title choice having an impact on sales. But I'm curious why a title might work well for a while and then the title would suddenly become a turn-off?

I got another response from someone else that seems to make sense to me. That person suggested that Covid impacted ECS b/c that book became less relevant/helpful after the pandemic hit. That is actually true b/c many colleges have since converted most classes to online rather than face-to-face. ECS is mainly focussed on helping college instructors teach in a face-to-face classroom. So if the pandemic lasts much longer than expected, I may need to consider either revising this book to cover online teaching tips or write a new book on that topic.

Thanks again for the feedback!