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Safety Locks - short screenplay (1 Viewer)


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That was kind of it for that one... it only had to be about five minutes.

I'm getting kind of slack though, now it's summer. At least the novel's turned a major point in the plot.


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lisajane said:
I'm getting kind of slack though, now it's summer.

Aw I miss summer. :cry: Here in Canada it's all white. Great play! Good plot and characters. Love to read more! Guess I can on your site.


I'm not totally feeling it, tbh.

I understand that the back and forth is revealing their background to us, and why they're both locked up, but surely they would have had that conversation sooner.

That being said, I'd be interested to know where you intended the plot to go from there.


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The plot didn't really intend to go anywhere. I didn't think much further for these characters outside the play.

As to why the conversation couldn't have been sooner, I think this particular phone call might only be the third they've had being locked up, or maybe the seventy-eighth. Up to you to decide, really.