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Sacred Illusions: A Journey Into The Dreams You Live (1 Viewer)


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Sacred Illusions: A Journey Into The Dreams You Live
R.D. Valenti
ISBN: 1-4137-6738-9
Spirituality and Religion
Reviewed by Tami Brady

Sophie Freeman has been searching for something her whole life. She has read every self-help and spiritual book she can get her hands on in hopes of finding that lost piece that will complete the puzzle of her life. Instead of the missing link, however, Sophie just finds more questions, more frustration, and more unhappiness.

Then a strange event occurs. While on her way to the beach for her annual vacation, Sophie picks up a Native American man. Sophie feels a strange connection to this man who she calls Walking Man, almost as if she has seen him before and she was destined to meet and talk with the man. This mysterious shaman guides Sophie on the most amazing journey as she learns a new way to listen, a new way to question, and a new way to interpret the world around her.

Sacred Illusions: A Journey Into The Dreams You Live encourages the reader to look at his or her world in a new light. My favourite part of the book is a scene in which Walking man tells Sophie that she hasn’t been seeking a missing piece of her life puzzle at all. Instead, her puzzle has extra pieces that mask the real picture. Therefore, her quest is to find these distorting pieces and dispel them.