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Romantic comedy (1 Viewer)


hi all

i have just read "The family way" by Tony Parsons and "Eternal Love" by Deborah Wright.

i am trying to read some romantic comedies to help me with my own novel.

my novel is about a man in his 30's.
i have finished it and i am now on the editing stage.

what i want to ask is: does anyone know if there are any romantic comedies that have been written from a mans prospective.

i have been to my local library and the two titles above where all they could offer.

any help would be great.



Mike C

WF Veterans
Tony Parsons is awful.

Nick Hornby's High Fidelity and About a Boy are good 'man's perspective' romcoms, although I always find his endings a little saccharine. But then, that's probably the point of a romcom.