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Robin Hobb (1 Viewer)


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All of the ones she has published under that name except for Fool's Fate. That problem shall be remedied shortly. She truly does write amazing stories.


Robin Hobb has written some amazing books thoroughly enjoyed her books and intend on by the ones i don't have soon


OH!!! possibly my favorite fantasy writer (and I am definitely a fantasy junkie). I can't count how many classes I skipped in college to stay home and read her books. After reading the Assassin, Live ship, and the first two of the Fool trilogy I was so hyped up about those books that I made my father (he's a book dealer) order Fool's Fate from Europe because It came out 2 months earlier there and I couldn't wait. Okay, so I'm kind of pathetic, but if it convinces anyone to read Hobb's stuff it is worth my shame!