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Robert Ludlum and the Bourne series, what do you think? (1 Viewer)



I've just finished reading the three books about Jason Bourne plus "The Bourne Legacy" by Eric van Lustbader.

I really liked the three frist books, and find them much better than the movies. When I had finished the original three I was very sceptical about reading the forth, since it is written by a different author.

But I must say, I am slightly impressed. I think it was OK, although he doesn't write it as good as Robert Ludlum. But there are some things that irritate me. For example in the other three books Boure (Webb) is a history professor, but suddenly in the fourth he is "professor of linguistics"..? And in the third book when he is in Russia, he doesn't know Russian, but at the end of the fourth book he suddenly speaks Russian with Karpov.

I also don't understand the time. It seems to me that Bourne is about the same age as in the third book (about 50), but yet the world has changed more than a few years, with wireless internet, broadband etc.

What do you think about the book? And about the "errors"?