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Robert from Seattle says hello! (1 Viewer)


Robert M. Blevins

I know I have introduced myself on this forum before, but when checking my old profile, I had to change a website address that I haven't used in TWO YEARS.

Guess that means I haven't been around for a while.

I live up in Seattle, and I write sci-fi books, mostly hard science fiction/high adventure stories. My other job is juggling a small press called Adventure Books of Seattle, and our print mag, Escape Velocity.

If any of you are sci-fi writers, you may want to drop by the EV site and see our submissions guidelines. EV is a paying market listed with Ralan and Duotrope.

Besides that, I enjoy camping out in the high country of Washington State, hiking, fishing, and taking pictures.

Robert M. Blevins

I have a day job, a magazine, and AB of Seattle. My participation in writers' forums is limited. Mostly, I'm busy fixing everybody else's work. (insert chuckle here)


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To Robert M. Blevin

You have a magazine means that you bought a magazine to read or you own a magazine printing and publishing organisation?