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Roadcraft 3 keeping distance (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

For those of you who haven't read the earlier ones the theme here is to try to write things that actually affect the behavior of drivers, I always think Ian Dury's line about "Premature ejaculation drivers in black and yellow cars" in the song "Blockheads" probably had more effect than a whole forest made into road safety leaflets, any way, cut to the chase.

I have stopped suddenly for cats that darted from the dark in front of me, and for the fox.
I would stop suddenly if a foreign deaf mute walked out looking the wrong way up an empty road, lest failing to detect me by the sense of sight or sound he should suddenly become aware of me through the sense of touch.
I have stopped suddenly for a wild eyed horse, coming at me sideways down a narrow lane, defying its incompetent rider.
On another day in the same lane, I stopped suddenly for a flock of sheep filling the lane with a momentarily incomprehensible cream surge.
I have stopped suddenly for a small boy who ran directly across my path
And once when my windscreen shattered as I rounded a bend
I am sometimes tempted when people drive so close
That my washers on a sunny day
Fill their cabriolet
With spray


Senior Member
Not bad. Ive perused your other works and I think they were better. This piece did not really intrigue me. I didn't leave wanting to know more. Perhaps its just me though. I don't think its to do with your writing, I think its probably the subject matter.

Olly Buckle

You are right, this won't do. I have been looking in my mirror at the people driving too close, couldn't see any I could imagine taking this in and thinking of it. Back again in a bit.