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RIP Baron (1 Viewer)

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Oh! I just saw this!

This happened before I found you. God bless Baron for saving this place. I'm sorry I didn't get here in time to meet him, but I hope he knows now how much I love and appreciate this place.

This brings to mind a question. Let's say I pass. I've left instructions to my hubby to notify all of you and others. He's not a forum person; he'll come in here under my name, tell you who he is, and kindly let y'all know I've passed. He probably won't be back, but he will let y'all know.

Has anyone here made arrangements like this? It's always best to let someone tell us...even if it's the worst.

My best friend passed on November 5. We were in two forums together, and her husband notified me by phone, and I went in and broke the news of her passing on the forums. It was tough, but of course we all needed to know.

Making arrangements to notify folks online is, I believe, important. This was just a thought.

Rest well, Baron, and thank you for this wonderful haven. I wish I'd known you.


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I am quite overwhelmed by the attention this thread has received. It would have meant a lot to Rob that so many appreciated him so much.

As for me, Rob was and always will be my mentor and dearest friend. He taught me more than any man I've ever known, and he put up with all my flaws, which is why we became friends in the first place. To whatever I go, I go knowing better men have gone before me. And I hope, one day, to find my brother again.


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I only just saw this too. I stared at the bottom of my screen and read Sam's words. I thought, wat do you mean 'sadly missed'? He's not dead is he? Hè can't be! Then I openend this tread and i read every one of these kind messages and two things hit me. The first one that even giants apparently can die and the second that there were zo many beautiful things hè has done, as I read the others, that I didn't know. Clearly I knew what he did for this place. You would have to be blind not to know and besides I was around to see it happen. He changes this place from a place where I hid in the shadows, als the behavior of some made me nervous, to a place I call home. It was all those personal stories that really moved me. Baron invited me again and again, in personal messages, to write poetry even though I didn't consider myself much of a poet. I would never have gone beyond my first poem if it had not been for him. Thank you where ever you are. I'm still not much of a poet ;) but with the kind of faith you showed me how can I not try and better myself! Thanks!
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I never knew him, but I'm thankful that he created a respectful place for writers to gather and help each other. He left a legacy behind. May we keep his spirit alive here.

This man made of this nice place for us, yes? Perhaps did he know of such creations of this? I have read many poems and stories! I am sorry of his passed.

Your friend,


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I went through each and every post gathered by this thread so as to know Baron through the words of others.
I know those words fail for they cannot fully express and describe how great he was.

Though I didn't have the fortune to know him, I can just imagine how amazing of a person he was.

I am in love with this community and I wish I could thank him for changing this place for the better.
Flowers and colorful butterflies for you, Baron.
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