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RIP Baron (1 Viewer)

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It is with great sadness and deep sorrow that I bring this terrible news to our staff and members. Our beloved Captain and former owner Baron (Robert Staniford) is no longer with us. He tragically died of liver cancer a little over two months ago. His passing is a devastating loss for his family, friends, and those who had the privilege of knowing him on a personal and professional level. I considered it an honour to know him on both, and to call him a friend, and my heart breaks for his family at this time.

Rob was one of the first members that I struck up a friendship with, long before he entertained the thought of buying WF, and that friendship endured for many years. He invited me not only onto his staff when he first assumed ownership of WF, but also into his life as well. He shared many a private message with me about his world, his wife, and his children. He was a proud father, a loving husband, and a terrific writer, storyteller, and advisor. In essence, Rob was a gentleman who put the needs of others above his own; a spiritual man who accepted everyone regardless of who or what they were; and someone who inspired others in ways he didn't even know.

He will be sadly and dreadfully missed.

Farewell, Rob. I hope, wherever you are, you know how much you meant to us all.

It was a honour, Captain.

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
Robert Staniford.

A man who made a massive difference in my life. He taught me more about myself and my capabilities than any amount of schooling. With one act of trust and a lot of guidance he put me on a new path through life's journey. I am now a new person. I cannot thank him enough for the change. I miss him deeply.

I suspect he will not be resting in peace, he will be hard at work making heaven a better place.

I thank the mysterious force behind the universe for the chance meeting.

The world is still lit by his presence. Farewell.


WF Veterans
Though I didn't know him on the site, I see his legacy all over this place. My condolences to his family and his friends, both here on the site and in his personal life, and I hope we can continue to honor the tradition he created with this place.

Thanks for the great forum, Baron.


Staff member
It was not my privilege to serve on staff when Baron was the owner. However, reading his posts in different areas of the site made me realise he left one hell of a legacy and good foundations on which to build.

My sincere condolences to his friends and family.


Staff member
I'm deeply saddened by the loss of one of the giants of WF. He was a gentleman and a fine poet. He was a firebrand and wunderkind of the poetry boards when I was an admin- He made WF better and was one of the first to point out that the system in place needed changing- Like Cran he too was a visionary



Da Boss Emeritus
The sad news has reached us of the passing of Robert Staniford AKA Baron. WF owes much to Rob's time as its owner. He steered the forum from the brink of collapse to the place it now enjoys; the best community for writers and creative artists on the net. He bought the forum from its previous owner because he saw what it could be.

He saw the tremendous spirit in the volunteers who gave of their own time and efforts to make the place work smoothly, and he saw its members trying against the odds to rise above the all-too-common race to the bottom playgrounds of hate and hurt. He made it his mission to support and encourage those who wanted a better place to hone their skills, share their experiences, and foster new writers and creative artists. He succeeded in that mission.

Rob and I joined WF at about the same time, and although we often locked horns over some detail or other, we shared the same visions and the same aims for writers and creative artists, and especially for WF and its future. These shared goals led to working together on a number of forums and projects.

When Rob had decided to sell WF and focus on other aspects of his life, he wanted to ensure that the forum did not go to a non-member owner, to revert to the difficult days. I agreed, was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and determined enough to take on the continuing mission.

The world is a little smaller, a little colder, without Rob, but his legacy and his memory will live on.

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
If it weren't for Rob, I wouldn't be here, nor would I have become the person I now am. His never wavering encouragement was a life boat in a sea of negativity that kept the pen in my hand. He took the time and patience to teach me despite my whining that I would never get it, and when I did, it was his praise that inspired me to excel. He welcomed me into the staff family and met my initial incompetence with good humor and kindness. He made this my home, and in turn saved my sanity. His impeccable work filled me with joy and awe, especially his superb ability for aural qualities that rivaled the songs of angels. Although I thanked him consistently for years, I shall do so one final time.

My eternal gratitude, most dear Captain, you molded me far more than you'll ever know and gifted me with peace. May God grant you the same eternally, and may He hold your family close to His heart in this terrible time and evermore.

J.J. Maxx

Dialogue Demigod
Senior Member
Though I did not know him, his imprint is still felt today by the continued success of this magical place we all call home. My condolences and prayers are with his family. The greatest thing about writers is that they never truly die, but a part of them lives on with every word they put to paper. If there was ever a way to still our souls into the hardness of eternity, it is through writing...

God speed, Rob.


WF Veterans
I did not know him either, but I have seen his name around in different threads that have been started in the past and have heard a few things about him. Just from what I've read and seen, if he was not part of the process of owning this forum and passing it along, it might not be as it is today and for that I will be forever grateful of this man that I never encountered. I hope he rests peacefully and that his soul is at ease and his family finds comfort in the many memories they have with him and cherish those moments forever.


Senior Member
Like many others, I did not know the Captain. But knowing or not all I can say is to thank him for this forum.

My sincerest condolences to all his family and friends.

Sleep tight Rob, and may your memory be for a Blessing.


Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments.

It says a lot about Rob that I could have written so much more and still not even scratched the surface of who he was and what he meant to so many people.

For those of you who knew and worked with him, I know how you feel. For those of you who didn't know him, I'm sorry that you never got the chance to meet him. He was a great man and a terrific owner. Like our current owner, Cran, Rob just wanted what was best for WF and its community. I think that's why Cran and Rob sometimes bumped heads, for that's what Cran has always wanted for WF.

Rob's vision then, and Cran's today, is the reason why I and other staff members who were part of Rob's ownership are still here trying to keep the Ol' Green Lady purring. Rob taught us that we could have a great forum that wasn't languishing in the ninth circle of hell, and he inspired us to do everything in our power to keep it running like a well-oiled machine.

Guy Faukes

WF Veterans
We butted horns on several occasions back in the old Debate section and while I did not always agree with some of the stances he took, it was more than evident that he was devout in his efforts to improve the forum and maintain order and professionalism. He was one heck of a writer as well.

Farewell, ol' Captain. It was an honour to have known you.
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