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Ring is the book that spawned the cult. From here we had the Japanese film, the American remake and now a Korean remake. Then we had numerous sequels both in print and celuloid. So something which grew so big is obviously worth checking out.

Ring is the tale of a video tape which when watched leaves you with a challenge. Complete the challenge inside one week or you die. Simple premise but it works.

First, the writing is beautiful. Suzuki paints amazing pictures of the story as it unfolds. As a piece of literature it does stand up on its own. It's also obvious that this isn't just a slash-em-up horror book. It's more refined than that. The tension builds really well and borrows more from Hitchcock than King.

The context of the characters work though there is a piece of knowledge about the one character which I'm not sure is needed nor do I think it helps you feel for them.

In typical horror film fashion it builds to a nice climax and then leaves the door open for a sequel. Oddly though while it is beautifully written and has good drama completing the book made me forget about it. There was not the reflection I usually feel with such works. Very strange and I'm unable to pinpoint why.

Still it is worth reading and can be picked up for under a fiver at some places and for that you can't complain.


I'm a big fan of the Japanese ring films. I almost bought the book a couple of months back, but got cold feet, figuring that since I've nearly exhausted the films it might not hold much interest for me. I'm kicking myself now, I should see if I can find it again.

Kira the wanderer

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Hmm.. I haven't heard of an actual novel... but I have heard of the manga. I have seen the manga. I believe the original title was "Ringu" which is pretty much ring in english >.<
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