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Riding, Va-room! (1 Viewer)


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Daht cahm. Writing forum, huh? Why not? Been wanting to set some structure to these avian marks at the tips of my talons anyhow, make sense maybe for a page or two.

Mmmm. Now that is fine box wine if I ever slurshed any, this rollie´s a bit dry, though, and the good ol´ wolves have their noses in the air; they saw me trudge in with the black bag and the unmistakable monolithic terrific shape inside. O, how their faces cracked into smiles. Here we go again, they were thinking, for they know -- through experience -- that I never drink alone except for the first couple hours hunched over a notebook.

Riding va-room. Nice to see y´all. A roomie of mine down the hall has leant me a CD titled ¨Spiritual Jazz¨. Now that´s a new one on me, and here at track 5 I haven´t yet eardrummed much of either. Ah, well, at least it ain´t buggin´ me. Tell you what does bug me, though, gonna open up my oak-barrel heart now and let y´all in. I´m sure you´ve all felt something like it: picking up some books and realising all the cutesy little nuances of your supposed original style aren´t anything new under the Sun at all! Two weeks ago I read my first Bukowski, and two months before that my first Kerouac. Blast it all to Hades! Jack with his word-invention, and Charles with his unabashed stories of sex and drunken-ness...and here I was hoping that when they found me gone in a champagne supernova and my dozens (hundreds?) of disorganised notebooks they´d fall over, saying, ¨Ye gads, but we´ve never seen anything like it!¨

Fat chance.

Yup, original thought is hard to come by these days. Still, we´ve got to try, neh? I only briefly got to scroll around this here forum a bit this afternoon, I don´t own a computer, see. Liked what I saw, though, liked the ¨open¨ forum. Even liked a few posts, and a few signs, and certain purrs and whirrs and rumbles of engines. Riding. Va-rooom!!

O, that breaks my heart, just swatted a spider and I really hate to do that for I do consider them my spirit creatures, but the little blighter was in my bed, and if I don´t learn from my spirit guides what good are they to me, and we all know what Big Spider would do to me if I were caught crawling around in spiderbed. Durn right, the bed is off-limits to all deadly creatures.

Ah, now the wine is spreading from my belly to my head and maybe up through that chakra on top of the skull into the cosmos, who knows. Maybe, contrary to everyone´s advice, my incessant drinking is really doing the Universe a favour. Drunken-ness of the Infinite Interconnected Nothingness. Boy, that vino is working, huh?

Just realised I´ve filled a page here with babyl. I´ll try not to let it happen too much...but, jeez, this is practically sober penning. There´ll be plenty of drunken drabble later, and, I promise, finer square material. Heads up!

I´m off. Va-rooooom, Forum!


Hello and welcome to the community, Ozzy. That was quite the intro. Excellent stuff! Enjoy.


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Hi there, Ozzy, and welcome to the forum. Hey, you're not afraid of spiders? Whenever I find one in the hand, I pick it up and gently set it outside. Spiders only come to healthy houses, did you know that? They're also a good lluck sign.