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Richie Havens "They Can't Hide Us Anymore" (1 Viewer)

I strongly recommend this book, it was a life changer. Richie Havens, for those of you who don't know who he is, was the dude who opened up the Woodstock Music and Arts festival in 1969. He is a painter, musician, poet, universal humanitarian, basically having met this man and talked to him, i would add that he is one of the best human beings i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His book is a short read, i read it in 3 hours. You can usually find it at a discount book store, i paid eight dollars for it. If you have the time, this book is like drinking fine wine. juan

There comes a time, when the blind man, takes your hand
says, " don't ya see, you gotta make it somehow, to all of
those dreams, you still believe".

Robert Hunter