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Rhyme Aid (1 Viewer)

Dylan di Vilde

Senior Member
Though Rhyme should be for everyone
it sometimes gets looked down upon.
‘Oh fol-de-rol and tosh’ they say
‘those rhyming schemes are so passé.’
It’s saddening when people choose
to air their slightly rhymist views.
(and if this issue worries you
go to hashtag #Rhymers Too.)

In fact, a school of thought does say
that every poem should go this way
and everyone should take the time
to formulate a fitting Rhyme
and if your treasured poem has none
it simply ain’t a proper one.
You’ve got to put the hours in
that’s the skill and discipline.
Rhyme alone is not enough –
there’s metre plus some other stuff
but Rhyme’s the fundamental part -
the other way’s a lesser art.

That of course is not a crime -
some people find it hard to rhyme.
We really shouldn’t pity those
who write what looks like
It’s likely they were born that way -
some chromosome that went astray.
Those challenged souls so crudely made
deserve our kind supportive aid.

And so to help us to address
their rhyme-deficient hopelessness
a charitable fund is planned
to send them off to Switzerland
where scientists can swiftly cure
this sad affliction they endure -
a quick incision, rum and pills,
no speculums or nasty drills.

“I’m glad” said Simon, 23
“that Dr. Swietzer cured me.”
“I swear” said Helmut, 54
“I’d never ever rhymed before”
“Can’t wait” said Klara, 36
“my operation is tomorrow.”

And now their happy lives are spent
rhyming to their heart’s content.

Phil Istine

WF Veterans
I did enjoy that as it was light, humorous reading - which is what I need right now. There are a couple of places where a syllable or two might need to be added or subtracted to enhance the flow, but I wouldn't want that to detract from a poem that had me smiling for the first time in days.
I particularly enjoyed the way you laid out
and the part near the end which totally failed to rhyme because she's not yet had the operation :)

Yes, it's true that tying oneself to a rhyme scheme can sometimes result in suboptimal wording, but there are other occasions when it's simply much more important to have fun.

Thank you.


WF Veterans
Rhyme is bit like a rescued pet, treat it right and it will be a true blue friend. Clever and delightfully irreverent. Well done.

- D.