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Review - Godaddy.com: Makes me want to punch a baby! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Confusing and utterly annoying, godaddy.com (www.godaddy.com) is an example of a good thing gone bad. First, the good; godaddy.com offers cheap domain registrations and fairly cheap hosting. Their spokeswoman is smokin’ hot and was featured prominently in a series of commercials during and after the Super Bowl. These commercials are available for viewing on godaddy.com. I’d recommend taking a glance. Additionally, they offer a place to sell domain names. It’s cleverly named The Domain Name Aftermarket (www.tdnam.com). It’s not very busy but could gain more business as godaddy.com increases in popularity.

Now, the bad; the frontpage is extremely busy. It takes awhile to soak in all of the information. The small text and green color scheme make locating necessary information and navigation an eye-jarring experience. While it is true that no website would be able to operate successfully without deriving some sort of income, the blatant advertising for both goddady.com services and external services makes me want to punch a baby.

That’s just the front page. I happen to own several domains through godaddy.com and can attest to further confusion once you actually purchase a domain or other service through them. I’m not angry about their customer service, my order was processed expediently and efficiently, just at their website. Once you get into the members area of the site, you are treated to even more confusion. Two toolbars that seem to do the exact same thing are available for navigating through out the member's section. The Domain/Hosting management screen is particularly confusing since when you select the domain you wish to manage the information appears in a box on the right-hand side of the page. I would expect it to display in the center where my eyes are already focused. It’s a jarring experience to have to refocus on a different part of the screen while looking for information about my domains.

Harsh? Yes. Truthful? Indeed. While other users may not have the same violent reaction I had, the fact remains that the godaddy.com website is an annoying, blatantly self-promoting waste of server space.