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(review) Clerks 2 (1 Viewer)


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Clerks 2, the sequal to the film Clerks which involved two guys and there time working in a low grade convience store and part of their lives. Clerks 2 is about a year after their quick stop convience store was burnt down and they work now at a low grade fast food restraunt.
Full of humor, romance...and animal erotica?
Recently in theatres and has enough laughs to make you choke on your popcorn and squirt pepsi out of your nose! (happened to me...)
Also check out others with Jay & Silent Bob such as "Dogma", "Clerks 1", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and "Clerks the animeted series."
I'd have to give this movie three stars. =;


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<<I'm not sure if this inparticular catagory is refering to reviews for ONLY books, so somebody tell me if that was okay to do>>


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This probably belongs in The Lounge thread. If you call what you just wrote a work of "Creativity" then I guess it belongs here...

Sigur Rós

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three stars? what, what, what? I give it twenty for it's originality. They didn't loose touch in humor or obscurity, not many movie sequals made like 20 years later are good, and this was. I loved it!


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if you wrote this intending to submit it somewhere as a review, this is the right place to post it... but the problem is it's poorly written, probably too short and riddled with spelling/grammar goofs, so isn't publishable quality, sorry to say...

if you only wanted to share your opinion of the movie, then bk was right at least in that it belongs in the 'lounge'...