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Remember to MEASURE your sales data often! (1 Viewer)


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To get the most out of your book marketing efforts, I recommend checking your sales data frequently. For example, if you are running new FB ads for your latest British spy novel, keep an eye on the actual sales results before, during, and after your ads. Knowing the sales impact of your ads (not just the FB results) will help you decide whether to continue running the ad, make adjustments, or discontinue it. Monitoring this data will also help you identify any seasonal patterns that develop with your book sales.

To find your sales data, you can look at several sources including the Sales Dashboard on your book distributor’s website (KDP, Ingram Spark, ACX, etc.), the Ads Dashboard for Amazon Advertising (f.k.a. AMS ads) or Google Ads, the Sales Info page on Author Central, and Google Analytics (a free app that allows you to monitor your author website and the activities of its visitors, including direct sales from the site or clicks on your book’s Amazon link). Obviously, the amount of data and how up-to-date it is displayed will vary from source to source. Regardless of the source, you should be checking the sales data often (a few times per week at a minimum, but I usually check mine daily) and consistently to measure the effectiveness of your promotions. If practical, it also helps if you can run your promotions one at a time to get a better sense of the effectiveness for each sales tactic.

Case in point: By checking my books’ sales data each day for the past few years (okay, I may be a little OCD!), I’ve discovered that whenever I take an extended break from social media (eg, during vacation or the holidays), my sales drop off significantly. This happens every time! I’ve also noticed that when I tweak my Amazon Advertising ads often (eg, adjust bid prices or add/pause keywords), they are usually more effective than if I leave them alone. I hope this tip helps!

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