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It was after my first day in Sunday school when I asked my parents what religion was. They told me it was tough to explain, but that I was Episcopalian. Apparently, this meant I believed in God and accepted his son, Jesus Christ, as my savior. I was five years old. Thinking back on it now, I wonder what they would have said had I asked them what politics were. Would they have told me I was either republican or democratic? Of course not, because no one in their right mind would expect a five year old to have enough political knowledge to be partisan. Why then did they deem me capable to already accept a religion?

They didn’t, but because they were part of a religion that baptized at birth, they didn’t have much of a choice but to put me in the arms of the priest and allow him to douse my head with water. I am not resentful of their decision. They owned the car that got me to church, and it is with them I went. Had they been Jewish and gone to temple instead, so be it. Whether or not I believed Jesus was a divine being while on earth would have had no impact on my life whatsoever. Nor would have believing Buddha and Mohammed were Profits.

As I matured and began to understand what my religion was about, I was simultaneously learning about religion in history class. Why had something meant to be so peaceful and spiritual been the fuel to the fire of so many wars? Why had something we give credit to for giving us life caused so many deaths? Why had something that was meant to unite, divided us more than any other force in this world could have. After years of pondering these questions, I am left with the same void I started with. Even if there were an answer to these questions, no human could comprehend them. The elusive answer seems as divine as the subject matter.

Why then do we allow ourselves to get sucked into such labels? Would it not be possible for people to live a meaningful life, without doing so for God? Think of a world where the only divider was our actions, not our beliefs. Think of a world where no one thought their god was better than somebody else’s. Obviously it is too late for this. Too many religions have become so powerful; they are ironically more influential than God himself.

I want to end this with one final thought. Would it be worse to live a good life and be pleasantly surprised to get into a heaven you never thought existed, or to devote your life to a being whose origins are very possibly the imaginations of our ancestors, searching for answers.


Why then do we allow ourselves to get sucked into such labels? Would it not be possible for people to live a meaningful life, without doing so for God?

I guess people believe so strongly in it that they can't see why you wouldn't believe the same as them. Can you tell I don't go to church? I don't think a couple of hours on a Sunday should decide if you are a good person and if you end up in heaven at the end of it. I have some experience of this, was once told by Catholic priest that non-christened people have no place in heaven - well I think I do. :D
My philosophy? Live life as you would like to be treated and don't worry about the rest.