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Regret Is Recreational (1 Viewer)


Breathe me,
My thick smoke.
I’ll leave my handprint,
marked on your lung,
before I melt-
Into your bloodstream,

The higher you get, the smaller I feel,
Stuttering my words-
“Don’t choke.”
You laugh,
that addictive song of death,
It’s Burning me,

Throw me,
To the ash tray,
Where my embers die.
Daylight taunts me,
As the sun points to your absence.
Stripped of my dignity.

Say my name,
Taste the bitterness.
Sip on it slowly.
Relish It’s acrid aftertaste,
when you call, I’m there,


Senior Member
This is good. I love works that describe the intangible like this, personifying. Really nice work.
Brings up a very intense form of the feeling.