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Redemption by Wayne Sharrocks (1 Viewer)



Indelibly scarred by childhood trauma, the main character flees to London to build a new life for himself. A chance meeting in a local bar turns his life upside down and he finds himself becoming embroiled within an ongoing police investigation. Is he innocent or does his mind hold a dark and terrible secret?
This touching psychological tale is a taut, sensual, dark thriller that grips the reader from the very first page.
The story combines a tasty confection of love lost, betrayal and vendettas whilst the author exhibits a unique blend of dark horror, a quick wit and flawless storytelling to draw you into his world.
Reading this sharply observed thriller is like attending a masterclass in psychology. It has on-the-edge-of-your-seat pacing and a conclusion that blindsides the reader.
Highly recommended!


Senior Member
As transparant as it gets.

Even if your book was good, I wouldn't read it for the simple reason that you faked all of your 5-starred critiques on Amazon.

Seriously, what happened to your self respect.