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Red Christmas* (1 Viewer)


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I've returned for a joyous and ghoulish Christmastime horror-tale about the eerie immortality of darkness even in times of great community dishes, and this was inspired by the classic Silent Night, Deadly Night horror film. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas (stay safe and God bless),


Nicholas prepared for his delightful Christmas season in the suburbs of New England in 2020, the first year of the Coronavirus tribulation. He told his wife and kids they'd always be wearing protective Coronavirus masks and gloves when they went outside to do Christmas and grocery shopping, as did everyone else in the area of New England that year. Quarantine specifications were still under way all around America, and New England was no different, and Nicholas wanted his family to be observing all the customary practices considered practical for virus evasion and contagion control in the area. Nevertheless, he wanted his Christmas holiday time to be festive and ornamented and symbolic and memorable. No one knew how long the quarantine for the Coronavirus would last and how many lives the global pandemic would take, but Nicholas wanted his family to stay cheerful and upbeat and safe by observing all customary procedures for protection and social distancing.

Social distancing and quarantine procedures for Coronavirus control made modern media and entertainment home delivery platforms vital for current home life in New England and all across America. Services and companies such as Netflix were considered suddenly highly beneficial, since people could access entertainment on demand conveniently and instantly and affordably and without having to go outdoors during the quarantine. Outdoor visits were therefore considered only survival based and were limited to service oriented activities such as post office and supermarket and hospital visits. Nicholas had his family, his young wife and two young children, one boy and one girl, get accustomed to the convenience consciousness associated with this new age of Netflix and Internet imagination, imagination now wed to indoor life during the Coronavirus quarantine tribulation.

Christmas was a time of great shopping, consumerism, movies, ornaments, decorations, and family time. During the quarantine, it became a time for families to share in the conveniences of Internet and media. Kids played with their iPads and received educational lessons online while parents conducted business and work activities through the Internet and communication terminals and then did shopping and research from home online. Everything was indoors now in New England and all across America during this Coronavirus quarantine tribulation. Nicholas was joyed to see his wife and kids happy and comfortable using media conveniences such as Netflix and Facebook and Medline and eTrade and Nickelodeon.com and ABCmouse.com. He felt his family would get through this difficult indoor quarantine tribulation in New England easier and happier and more festively especially during Christmas.

In other words, everything for Nicholas' sweet family in New England seemed practical and optimistic for this first Coronavirus Christmas season in 2020. They enjoyed media and Internet conveniences and were generally comfortable with technology and toys and gadgets necessary for quarantine life in America. Nicholas wanted his family to appreciate these tech advantages, so he decided on Christmas Eve he'd dress up as Santa and disperse his tech and media toy gifts to his family, including iPad headphones, iPhone cleaning cloths and sanitizers, Blu-ray movies, rechargeable batteries, energy efficient light-bulbs, and Lego video-games. However, something dark and sinister and evil and horrifying was going to visit Nicholas' happy Christmas family that holiday season. For that evening, the dark presence of the skeleton demon known as the Death-Teacher was going to bring the message of an unavoidable Red Christmas.

DEATH-TEACHER: "I wander around New England during special times in the year during this quarantine experience in America to remind goodly people of the world that the reality of darkness and bloodthirst can not be ignored even in times of great family unity and home-life celebration, for no kind of toy or gadget indulgence can erase the experience of real evil disgust, not even in idyllic New England!"


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)