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Red Christmas warning: graphic, 19 and older (1 Viewer)


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Andy pulled up in his driveway in an old, beat-up sedan. “Merry God damn Christmas,” he said. He slammed the door shut. Christmas day, and his boss had him working overtime.

His wife, Shannon, greeted him in the kitchen with a bottle of wine. He didn't so much care for the stuff,but he drained the whole glass and poured another. He noticed an empty wine bottle half-covered in the trash.

“Bad day at work?” Shannon asked. “You usually don't drink so much grape juice.”

“Is that what you call this shit?” He realized he was being harsh. The warmth of the alcohol was already causing him to flush. “I'm sorry. It was bad. I just need a few aspirin.”

Shannon rubbed his shoulders. “You're home now. Just relax. Enjoy the holiday. I know we've been having our problems lately, but I've realized your life is your life, and mine is mine. We both have to pursue what makes us happy.” She downed her glass, smiling at him reassuringly. She was drunk.

Andy slumped as she massaged. He tried to reassure himself that this was the woman he had married three years ago. She had been so grateful to him at first. Her last husband had been abusive both physically and mentally. She still had scars from being thrown down a flight of stairs. Over the last year or so,she started to change – become judgmental toward Andy's lifestyle.

“Let's sit in the living room and open presents,” she said.

He watched his wife from behind. He liked her figure. She was tall, thin, and blond, but there was too much movement in her hips, and he didn't like her clothes. A woman should dress up for her husband.

The living room was a dazzle of light sand ornaments. A white Christmas tree stood in the corner. There wasn't much under the tree.

He sat cross legged on the couch. He couldn't believe all the trouble she put into the place. Maybe she had finally accepted him, and stopped with all of her foolishness.The first smile of the day curled his lips and he lay back into the plush sofa.

Shannon scooted near him, and placed a hand on his chest. “Andy, I got you a present. Think of it as an apology. It's a way to say I don't care about it anymore.”

“That sounds like quite a present.”

“Yeah, I found it when I was out with Irene. We stopped at a few antique stores downtown. There she was.”

Andy lifted his tired eyelids. “She?”

Shannon glanced across the room, at a large, gift-wrapped box.

He stood, and hesitated. “Is that what I think it is? I don't understand.”

“It's not that big of a deal.Please, take my word for it. I don't care. You've won.”

He wanted to rip into the packaging and claim his prize, but he also wanted to savor this moment. “Bring me another glass of wine, babe,” he said, put his arms around the box. It wasn't heavy. He shook it, like a child trying to guess the contents. He took it back to the couch and sat it on the cushion.

She handed him a brimming glass, and sat on the arm of the couch.

He took the bow off, and started tearing at the wrapping.

“Careful,” she said. “You're spilling.” She helped open the box.

A human figure sat compacted inside.The mannequin head stared unblinkingly to the side. Black hair spilled over the pale, delicate shoulders.

Andy carefully reached in and scooped the body out of the box. “She's wearing a beautiful dress. You went through a lot of trouble.”

“Not at all. She was already wearing it. You can go ahead and do your thing, if you want.”

He kissed Shannon. “Thank you.”

He gently laid the doll onto the couch. The eyes were dark, round, and marvelous. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. “Her name is Bella.” He put his hand under her dress and felt leather. Pulling the lacy fabric up, he looked between her legs. “She's wearing a chastity belt.”

“That's odd,” Shannon said, almost laughing. “Well, I better check on the chicken. Looks like you're gonna work up an apatite getting that undone.”

“I have something in the garage that will get this thing off.” He searched searched through the garage until he found the bolt cutters, but when he went back inside to snip the belt off, his wife pulled him into the kitchen.

“There's always time for romance after a full stomach.” She handed him a plate of chicken breast and mashed potatoes. She almost fell into him, but caught herself on the counter and giggled. “A little tipsy,” she said, and winked at him.

Andy felt saddened by her. She was a great friend to him, and he found her generally attractive, but she wasn't sexual, not in the way his dolls were, and now she's been reduced to drinking and jealousy. If only she could really except him. Truly and fully. She was the only real woman he had found he could live with. She was special to him in that way, but he just hadn't been able to express it, he felt.

He quickly ate and went back to the living room. The chastity belt soon fell away in pieces of leather and metal. He gazed at the beauty of the doll. She was a masterpiece.He had never seen such well crafted genitals. Ever curve was perfection.

“Do you like her,” Shannon asked.

'I love her.”


Andy took the doll to the bedroom. He asked his wife to watch. He unbuckled his belt and took out his small penis and stroked it. The doll looked to be the perfect fit. He glanced over and saw that his wife really didn't hold any contempt for him anymore. Maybe she had accepted him.

He entered, and laid on Bella. He began to hump, grunting with the effort, but he felt a strange sensation. He reached between Bella's legs. His fingers came out glistening.

“Did you finish already?” Shannon asked.

“No... she's wet.”

Shannon jumped back farther on the bed. “Something moved in the hallway. Someone, ran past. Like a child.”

Andy stood and belted himself. “Is this some kind of joke. What's in there?” He pointed at the doll.

“I don't know. Andy, I'm serious. I saw something, and it's kinda freaking me out. Can you go look?”

He peered down the hallway. “There's nothing.” He heard a noise in the kitchen, perhaps a pan shifting in the sink. He walked closer.

Across from him, a four-and-a-half-foot doll stared at him. It was standing on its own slender legs.

“Susan?” He asked the doll as he backed away.

The dolls glass eyes broke away from him and the creature opened the door into the night and disappeared.

Shannon screamed behind him, and he whirled and headed for the bedroom. He heard growling, as if some wild animal was in the house. He saw his wife caught in the door, trying to close it. A hand was clawing at her T-shirt, shredding the cloth. He rushed for the handle and slammed the door closed on the arm until it hand let free of Shannon. Without thinking, he pulled Shannon into the closest open door, which led to the basement.

“What the hell is going on?” Shannon asked. “Why are your sex dolls coming to life? Your sick fucking sex dolls!”

“I don't know anymore than you do. We just need to call the police. Do you have your phone?”


“Shit, neither do I.”

“Andy, one of us has to go out there and get a phone.” She put her hand on his arm and looked at him helplessly. “I left mine in the living room.”

“I don't know if that's a good idea. Maybe we could wait them out.”

“But what if we can't?”

The deep sound of a motorcycle engine neared.

Andy peeped through one of the tiny windows near the ceiling. “An older guy on a motorcycle just pulled up in our driveway.”

Shannon leaped up and put her mouth to the opening and yelled, “Brad! Over here!”

The man dismounted and walked through the grass to where they were trapped. “Shannon?”

She put her hand through and waved.“Hurry! We need to get out of here.”

“I know, I came to pick you up. What are you doing down there?”

Shannon withdrew her hand and smiled. “It's a long story. Just call the cops. We're trapped down here.”

Brad frowned. “Trapped? Oh there you are, Andy. Looks like I finally get the pleasure to meet you, you sick twisted fuck!”

Andy stared into Shannon's eyes. “What is this? Are you running away with him?”

“Yes. I'm sorry. I got you that doll as a replacement for me.”

Andy felt the sharp edge of betrayal. “Shannon... like this? With this old man?”

Brad squatted lower to look in. “Shut up, you cunt. You ain't a man. I've heard all about you. Everything. You're lucky I don't kick the shit out of you.”

The grass rustled, and there was the patter of small feet running. Something slammed into Brad. Through the hole of the narrow window, a glimpse of Susan was the only indication as to why Brad started screaming. Then he fell into view, and the doll tore into the back of his neck, pulling shreds of skin from his spine. He suddenly fell limp with a crush of bone between the manikin's teeth. He laid there, unmoving except for his eyes. His paralyzed body could do nothing as the creature took his ear and chewed on the flesh and cartilage -- and then the skin from his head and face.

Andy and Shannon backed away. She covered her face with her hands and cried. He couldn't keep his eyes of the feasting girl he once knew as Susan – his lover.

There was a clank in the basement. Something fell.

“What's that? You don't have one down here do you?”

His eyes darted about the dark corners and piles of unused belongings. “I have one that you don't know about. I've kept her down here, safe in a box.”

“Why did you hide her?”

“It's... it's a small doll. A child.”

Shannon started backing away. “What is wrong with you? I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you?” The stream of tears kept pouring down her face.

“Shannon... I don't know how to explain it to you. I wish you could be in my brain for five minutes, just see it from my perspective for only a moment. It would make so much more sense.”

A metallic scrape chimed in the air. It continued to ring like metal against stone.

“What's in here?” Shannon asked. “Does it have a weapon?”

He wasn't sure what all he had stored down here. There was even stuff his dad owned before passing away and giving the house to him. There were boxes and boxes of stuff. Mostly junk. There were some...

Before he could complete the thought, a knife flashed from out of the darkness and cut through Shannon's hand.

Andy acted quickly. Before the blade swung back around, he caught a hold on the small body wielding the weapon. He slammed the body into the floor. He kept at it, and tore the thing apart with his hands.

“Andy.” Shannon was standing with her hand supporting her arm, and at the end of the arm was a hand cloven, with one half hanging by threads of sinew and skin. She was just staring at him, her eyes begging him to help.

He found some old sheets, and he took one and wrapped her hand. The blood immediately seeped through. They were going to have to escape, and quickly, or she would bleed to death, he knew. He grabbed the knife. The crimson-stained blade glinted as he held it before him and led Shannon up the stairs.

The hall was quiet. He looked both ways but saw nothing. Shannon was starting to whimper. Perhaps the shock was wearing off. They took the chance and ran for the front door.

A chair splintered over Andy's head. He saw swarming lights at the verge of consciousness. He collapsed to one knee, and pain washed over him. He looked back to see Christmas lights wrapped around Shannon. One of the dolls dragged her down the hall – pulled her into the bedroom.

He was opening the door to the bedroom before he even realized he had gone after her. He had never thought of himself as someone who would do something heroic. But when he found her, she was just an anatomy lesson. Still tied up in Christmas lights, all of the skin was missing. In the mess of human meat, the movement of her eyes betrayed that she was still alive. He stabbed her and cried out. He sank to his knees and withdrew his knife.

The door slammed shut.

Standing between him and his exit was Bella. The black round eyes stood out against the ghostly skin of the sex doll.

“What the fuck is going on? What the fuck are you?” Snot ran freely from Andy's nose. He held the blade out, shaking.

The doll laughed a thin, synthetic sound. She stepped closer.

He lunged and plunged the knife into her. She smiled, and her arms shot out. He fell back as hands clawed at his face. He tried to keep his eyelids closed, but her thumbs kept pushing harder. He yelled out. Her thumbs slipped under the eyelids. He felt the orbs of his eyes being squished, and one popped from its socket. He heard screaming, but it took a moment to realize it was coming from his own mouth.

Bella pushed him on the bed and unbuttoned his pants. A terrible voice slithered from her tongue. “When I'm tired of you, you will die.”
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All in all it's an interesting story. I wasn't expecting much of what I read. Aside for need some mroe descriptions on the dolls, due to it seeming like there are many of them, and i can't pictue what they look like while attacking. Although I would change the main characters name from 'Andy'. That mainly because when I picture dolls attacking and the name 'Andy' I automatically start picturing chuck and tiff in my head, and I see them tearing people apart. But overall I think it was a pretty good horror story. It's jus need a little polishing.

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