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I recently read a book called "The History of Love", by Allison Krauss, and was wondering if any one else had. It's an excellent read, and very quick as well. Its about a jewish man who writes a book, but is forced to leave it behind when the Germans come through his village. The book is found by one of his friends who escapes to South America, and ends up being published. Any way, it finds its way into the hands of a fourteen year old girl in modern day New York who is named after a character in the book, and she goes searching for why that is. Meanwhile, the actual author of the book is old and alone, trying to figure out how to live out the rest of his life, with no knowledge whatsoever that his book was ever published, and that it has changed lives. My summary doesn't really do it justice, but it's great.
Right now I'm reading a couple of books by a guy named Kent Haruf, titled "Plainsong" and "Eventide". I'm about half way through Plainsong. Its a slow burner, but really well written.
Other novels I'd like your opinions on:
The Rhapsody novels (fantasy) by Elizabeth Haydon
The Diamond Age, or The Young Ladies Illustrated Primer (sci-fi) by Neal Stephenson
The Absence of Nectar (fiction/literature) by Kathy Hepinstall
Wide Blue Yonder (fiction/literature) by Jean Thompson
Crow Lake (fiction/literature) by Mary Lawson
All of these are good books, in my opinion, but I'd like to get other feedback.