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Recent MFA grad (1 Viewer)

Recent MFA grad who is trying to write while finding work... It's tough as a writer and yet no matter how tough it gets, it's even harder convincing myself to give up~! Excited about joining the forum~

The Aging Dilemma


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lol, you shouldn't be. i'm gonna nag you till you quit ! :p just playing.
hey welcome tot he forum. i'm newish here too. I have a poem, a rhym, and a on the go story.
Message me if you like it. I'll have to look into some of your stuff.


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Hi there, and welcome. Yes, writing can be tough at times, but as long as you have a steady job to pay the bills, you can wait out for that bestseller!


ash somers

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Welcome to WritingForums, Culturebuzz :)

Good luck with your writing aspirations.

And regards, ash somers.