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This is a close-up of my friend's new wood-burning stove



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And this is taken from a moving train - I catch a lot of stuff like this. I've caught my grandson's reflection...and doodled a bit with the colour and contrast

ps...I can't get rid of that thumbnail image down there - only want to cut it because I can't turn it up the right way. Any advice will be welcome, thanks.


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perhaps if you reply-with-quote
copy everything in the quote
edit the existing post completely empty
save the empty
edit the post
paste the quote code
remove the code that makes it a quote
save edit
could work.


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I use the old Picassa editing programme when doodling with the pics...I'm supposed to switch over to Google pics but haven't done it yet. I just lurve that pic of Podge...and will be cat-sitting him for two weeks in August again so hoping for more fab catches.
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