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Reccommend: Night/Day Watch Books (1 Viewer)



Currently there are two books out: Night Watch and Day Watch. Night Watch has already been made into a feature film which has been imported to the U.S. (which I also reccommend) and Day Watch is currently being filmed as well in Russia.

I originally saw the movie Night Watch when it was released on DVD in the U.S. (which you MUST watch in the original Russian. The U.S. version has automatic subtitles that appear with the original presentation of the film for foreign audiences, but these subtitles are special in that they are built into the film so that the subtitles blur and move with events in the film such as being brushed away by people's hands or shaking when the ground shakes, it's really cool!) and I recently found out (yesterday) that it was a book series before a movie.

The story is about The Night Watch and The Day Watch. The Night Watch are the good guys, and they watch over the creatures of the night, the evil creatures. The Day Watch are the bad guys and they watch over the creatures of the day, the good guys. The story follows a man named Anton who is a mid-level Night Watch member. According to a prophecy, a child will appear who will decide the fate of the world. Both parties believe the child has already been born...

The story features some classic creatures like shapeshifters and vampires and it is very interesting.

Here's links to both of the books and the movie:
Night Watch: Book 1
Night Watch: Movie
Day Watch: Book 2

Let me know if any of this is interesting to you.