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Reaquainting Myself (1 Viewer)

The Hooded One

Senior Member
Hi, there my name is Jeremiah M. Chabluk and I am a writer of high fantasy I dont really post my work so im afraid you will not see much from me in that respect although I will put my skills to helping the people that post in poetry,fiction,non fiction etc. This is my first time introducing myself as when I first joined a little over a year ago I did not even notice this section till about 50 posts in. I havent been very active over the past year aside from posting every now and again. Though now that I have nothing to do (working in a small town for the summer) I should be posting alot more before and after I start my schedualed writing in the evenings. I am a Christain Pentecostal, a motocrosser, a weightlifter, my job is assistant manager for disabled people. I supervise what they do while they are at work.

So hi again everyone im putting 20 down that nikkis the first one to respond to this :eek: