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Reader, Writer and undeniably obsessed with fanfic (1 Viewer)


Hey all!

I'm Caiyah. As stated above, I love reading (non-fic, fic and fan-fic) and write when my Muse inspires me. I also do an online RPG called Dark Cove (supernatural-based).

I sought out a writers forum for help with a Batman fanfic I'm currently working on(Riddler centric).I have a beta who is awesome but she isn't too familiar with the Batverse and we're both stumped on a couple plot points. The first two chapters are available at fanfiction.net under "Lovers and Madmen"


Thank you all! I'm going to try and ask my question without pointing to protected characters or material.

Here goes: I have a male character who wants to take on a female apprentice. She is smart, sweet and vanilla as heck. However, He sees something (including some hidden crazy) in her and decides to take her on. First, he has to test her to see if she's worthy. Whatever the test, she passes and moves on to stage 2 - reconditioning. For all intents it's brainwashing but He sees it as removing her social conventions that impede her greatness. I need some ideas for the test/training. I also am a bit concerned about brainwshing her. I was thinking sensory deprivation, then He would be her 'savior'.

Ideas?? (Hopefully that made sense. I don't want to get too specific and get into trouble for copyright. I will only go into specific details via PM))

Help!! I have most of the story mapped out but I cannot move forward until I establish the beginning of their partnership. Ugh! Not really a block, more like my Muse is on holiday....

Stacy Ann Stratton

Senior Member
Hello and welcome.

I love Batman, but not as much as my husband. Maybe I'll swing him by your chapters and see if he has anything useful to help you out.