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New members no longer need to make 10 valid posts on the site before they can post their own work.

Posting your poems.

  • Don't flood the forums with new submissions. Anything over two poems per 24 hours will be removed;
  • One poem per thread;
  • Do not ask for critique in your subject line. It is given that you want feedback.
  • If your work is potentially offensive, include a language warning in the title
  • The work you post must be your own creative work, though we do allow quotes of a small portion of work attributed to others.
  • If you quote from existing music or poetry, or any other source, it is mandatory that you cite properly: name of the author, title of the work, what lines are used, a link to where it can be found. Not citing properly will result in the poem being removed without any warning.

Getting replies

  • To get people to reply to your work, reply to theirs. People are more likely to take time over an in depth critique if you've demonstrated the same commitment;
  • If you want to get the most out of the feedback you're given, or have a particular issue with your work, ask questions;
  • Always reply to comments people leave on your work. It's not just good manners: if members find you unresponsive they'll stop looking at your work altogether;

Posting replies

  • Don't be afraid of replying! Like any skill, critical analysis improves with use. As you read and constructively comment on more poems, your ability to do so will improve;
  • Fluff comments like "Good job!" or "Not bad." will be removed. Advise why you like certain use of language, or why a particular line felt out of place?
  • Never question the truth to the feelings of the author - we're all here to learn and improve, and we've no chance of doing so without absolute honesty;
  • There is a line between negative feedback and rudeness. Just as positive critique should be justified, so does negative critique. This helps make sure nobody takes offense at your words and keeps the atmosphere professional;
  • Do not post original works of your own as a response to the thread of another. Original work posted as a reply in the thread of another will be immediately removed upon discovery.

Critique is not guaranteed and critique doesn't follow a give-one-to-get one ratio but if you make it a habit to critique others' work and you put forward your strongest most interesting writing, critique will come your way.
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