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somewhere there's a hope inside us,
lies distantly drowned in a wasteland
of streaks and dreams,
stretches and reaches out toward anyone or anything
every hour we've spent wasting
time in movie theaters and parking lots
chips and chisels away at the forefront
of our memories and favorite songs but
a million lines still can't divide
seconds into something longer
anything stronger just to make it last
anything more wrong just to make the
only thing ever felt right stick out a little bit more
worth crying over just to remember what it felt like
back when we could smile
oh how we relish in the irony
but we never really get the point
keep trying and pulling away
as we look forward to looking back
wander around in 4 degree weather
and soak in the steam rises up from our lips
when we prove to ourselves we're still breathing
quietly we throw ourselves in the middle
of a war between our fists and our faith
leave our hearts to determine the fate of our heads
while we sit, still, quiet,
receivers pressed to our ears
hearing the hundred complaints,
the thousands of things we'd fought so hard not to be
and we're reminded that it never counts for anything these days
there's something about this wasted time
makes our blood boil, but we stay
outwardly calm and deceptively warm
looking for any reason to explode but
come away with only, "it'll be ok"
the compliments don't measure up
to the standing ups and the fisticuffs
and soberness can't compete with repeated mistakes
we, shaking our heads in disbelief, head down
this same road time after time
and never quite wise up
we were born and raised, we were bred
to be this way
take everything softly
and pay for it everyday with the same excuses
we're assured, every so often
but after timeless attempts we've grown to disbelieve
come to bleed for the same reasons every year
and who can place the blame
since we let you fill in the details
but we set ourselves up for all of this with
these creeds we live by
this repetition serves no purpose but to
sacrifice our sanity for an extra smirk from
everybody that represents
everything wrong with the world, and
no good deed goes unpunished