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re enders game (1 Viewer)


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I can see why people wouldn't like the later books in the Enders Game series as they are very different from the first one, although I liked them, especially the bit about the Godspoken on Path.

I think the reason that people tend to favour Enders Game over Enders Shadow, or vice versa is that that is the book that they read first and so they tend to idolise it adn then the other one doesnt live up to their perfect image.


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I haven't read Ender's Game yet. I got a few recommendations for it, so I'll probably get around to reading it pretty soon.

Instead of posting a new topic with "Re Topic" in the title when you want to reply, just hit the reply button instead of post. It will make things a lot simpler to read. Good luck! :D



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Mhm. Also, Ender's Shadow's about Bean, and he's a lot colder than Ender is. That's saying something, boyo.

There also some other silly things about the plot. But I can't say anything more.


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Ender's Shadow is good—it's much in keeping with the original. However, the other ones in the series are very involved in future world politicans and some pretty improbable situations.

Card is one of my favorite authors, but he's been stinky as of late.


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Card . . . I loved the Ender novella but the others in the series . . . no. Just lost interest in it. What about his Alvin books, Hodge? Like them?


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I haven't read any of the Bean series, but have read & enjoyed all the 1st series.

I quite enjoyed the developments of religion expressed on the various planets although annoyed the religions would be there at all. Card has the capacity to annoy in other ways (for me) with what appears at first to be not-real behaviour, but has an equally annoying capacity for bringing those very things together into a coherent story.

Card has the ability to present a side of things, get you in agreement about those bastard enemies, then show the enemy's side in such a way that you have to agree their situation or action is the only correct thing for them to do.

The fate of the piggies is heart rending because Card presents them so well you almost have to identify with them.

The resolution of Jane was (again, for me) fraught with tension & pace, and his understanding of the effects of space travel on both personal & social level gives a solid truthful feel to what's going on.

Even the time when Ender seems weak & disorganised comes into its own when you get the explanation for whats going on.

Philotes Rule!

I'd recommend the series to anyone who's interested in more than space opera.