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Ragnarok - First 6.5 pages from first draft... (1 Viewer)

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EXT: Dawn, Vigrid Plains

The sun has barely risen over the far treetops giving off an eerie red tint to the green grass that covers the ground.

Pan out – an army of men stand to one side of the field, swords, spears and axes drawn. They look ready for combat.

View swirls around 180 degrees to the other side of the field. Another army stands, a group of large men, skin tone pale white, hair colors vary from person to person between blue white and yellow. In the middle of the group sitting atop a horse is a man. Arms crossed, he wears a battle helmet that has horns coming out of it. The Horns come forward and loop around towards the back of his head.
To each side of him is two monstrous creatures. On his left a massive serpent coiled up and to his right a giant wolf, larger then most, if not all men, standing on all fours, mouth open ready to feast.

Quick pan in to the man on the horse’s face, the eyeholes of the mask are dark, making it impossible to see his eyes. Then, suddenly the eyeholes start to glow red…


A young boy, jumping out of bed, eyes wide open, skin appears pale as if he had just seen a ghost, breathing heavily.


Another nightmare Balder?


It was nothing Hod, go back to sleep.

Hod, the blind paternal twin of Balder’s, has rags wrapped around his face to hide his eyes. He lays back in to bed. Balder gets out of bed and walks out of the bedroom.

INT: Inside of a dark cave, vaguely lit by fire

The glow of the fire glares off the walls of the cave from around the corner. You see the shadow of a person holding a hammer swinging it down upon a platform, hearing the sound of two metals colliding with each strike. A small dwarf walks through the hall and around the corner towards the shadowed dwarf.


At last Eitri, it is complete.


Oh excellent brother Brok, Master Odin should be very pleased.


Pleased indeed Eitri, this is my finest work. A gift suitable for a god.


Come brother Brok, we must hurry if we are to make it to the ceremony on time, Master Odin will be very displeased if we are late.

Brok sets a golden hammer inside a wooden box and they venture out of their cave.

INT: A great medieval Dinning hall – Evening

Many people dressed in their best attire. A massive table sits in the middle of the room, covered with large amounts of food. At the head of table sits a massive man with white hair, a bushy beard and dressed in his best armor. Next to the man a slender beautiful woman holds a baby.
The man stands up and grabs his couplet, raises it and speaks.

Man (Odin):

Let us rejoice on this great day and celebrate the birth of my newest son, may he be the mightiest of us all…

Guests cheer.

Man sitting at the end of the table speaks

Man at end of table (Vili):

So brother what will you name this one?


I think I will call him Thor, what do you think Frigg?

Woman holding the baby (Frigg):

I think Thor will be a very suitable name for him my husband. What do you think Loki?

Odin and Frigg turn to a scrawny boy about 13 years of age hiding behind the curtains leading to the hall.


Thor huh, he doesn’t look all that mighty to me. Pretty much just skin and bones.


He is only a child Loki; you were not much bigger then he is now when Master Odin brought you home.

Loki flashes a quick sneer towards Frigg Which prompts Odin to jump out of his chair and grab Loki by the back of his shirt.


What the Hell was that boy

(With one arm holding Loki off the ground by his shirt)


If I ever see you disrespect your mother like that again I’ll squash that little melon of yours under my boot.

Odin releases Loki, and as Loki takes off running down the hall he scream



Meanwhile a elderly lady comes up and whispers in Odin’s ear


If you will excuse me, my friends I have some business to attend to, Frigg send Loki to my chambers have him wait there for me. I will deal with him in private.

Odin gets out of his chair and leaves down an opposite corridor.

A man escorts the two dwarves into the room where Odin awaits. They are carrying a large wooden box covered by a white cloth with gold embroidering on it.


So you were able to finish on time Brok, that’s good.


Yes Master Odin here it is, the great hammer which you asked of us. I call it Mjoilner (pronounced Mel-ner)


Good, you are dismissed.


But would you not like to inspect brother Brok’s masterpiece in our presence Master Odin?


I have no reason to inspect it Eitri, Brok has never failed me in the past, and I do not expect him to start now. (Turns his attention to Brok)Know this though Brok, if this hammer is not what you claim, you will not live long enough to correct your error, understood?

With a look of fright the tiny dwarf replies.


Yes Master Odin, and I promise you, failure is not a concept that I know.

The Dwarves leave, as Odin picks up the box, leaving it covered.


We will put you someplace safe until the day he is worthy.

Odin enters his chambers where Loki already awaits.


Good, you are already here.

With a hint of sarcasm in his voice Loki replies.


Yes father, what is it I can do for you.


Why do you disrespect your mother so?


I am treated differently then the other children father, they know that I am not truly your child. It seems like a smack in the face when it is mentioned by anyone that you and mother are not my true parents. It makes me angry to be reminded that those who gave birth to me never wanted me.

Does it not satisfy you to know that myself and Frigg want you? That we are willing to give to you all the things you desire, and to know that there is such greatness inside of you that you can make those who did not make you, love you, like one of their own?


Indeed father it does comfort me, but that comfort also reminds me on a daily basis, that despite all my greatness, as you like to put it, that deep down inside of me there must be some great evil as well. A evil great enough to provide reason to those who created me out of love, to leave me without a second thought.


Have you found these people and pried yourself into the thoughts to know that they have never given you a second thought?


No father I have not.


There is no doubt in my mind that they think of you daily, and pray that we were able to give you a life that they could not. And that they dream of the greatness you will one day find here with us. Go now son and enjoy the rest of your day.

Loki rises from the chair and exits the room, as he does a tear comes to Odin’s eyes as he whispers.


What have I done…

EXT : FLASHBACK – The Icy Plains of Asgard – Day (color: grayscale)

Odin sits atop his six-legged horse spear in hand. Two frost giants stand before him. They turn to run, and Odin launches his spear right through one of the giants. The second Giant stops and turns. Anger is obvious on his face as and he charges at Odin.
Odin quickly removes his spear from the fallen frost giant and is able to point it in the direction of the charging giant just in time to impale him with it.

Odin hears the sound of a baby crying, he traces it to the first of the fallen giants, and rolls the body over. There cradled in the dead frost giants arms is a baby boy.

Odin takes the child from the fallen giants arms, looks at a chain around the babies neck that say “Loki” on it.


Finally I have found him

Odin embraces the child as he mounts his steed and rides away.

INT: Odin’s Chamber


I was only trying to prevent the worst…



In its present format, it's a little difficult to digest. I suggest you reformat it somewhat more like a conventional script, e.g:

Tom: Hello (he waves)
Jim: Oh, hi Tom!
(A crash of thunder sounds)
Tom: Sounds like rain's a'comin...
(Jim mysteriously falls dead)


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Actually, a conventional script would look pretty much like this (without the indents):

(waving his hand)

Hey there.

Jim approaches Bob.

How do you do?
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