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I'm potentially getting a TV screen writer's job, but my problem is that it is a new field to me. I've written scripts before, but never one that required a careful attention to length. The series is based on 1 hour episodes, with commercials (so I'm assuming about 40-45 minutes of real story for the script, more of which can get cut out if they need more commercials).

How do I gauge the length in time of the script?


1 page = approx. 1 minute-1.5 minutes.

Although, I'm a bit surprised at the question. If you're 'potentially getting a TV screen writer's job', you'd already know the answer to this question. It's not like screenwriters (one word) are just hired randomly off the streets. Am I correct in guessing this is for Starpol?


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I know how to write a script, and I'm very familiar with TV productions, I've just never had to gauge how long in real time my scripts were, hence the question.

And no, the gig is not through anyone on this forum, it's through an independant production company. Thank you for your response.


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valeca said:
E-mails tell a different story. ;) Either way, I wish you all the best with the pitch!

Sorry for causing any confusion. :) However, recruitment will commence as soon as I finish writing the character bible. :D