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Don't mind the subject line, I like to make a splashy entrance. If this place were a pool, believe me, I'd dive in with the uncouth skill of a champion canon-baller. But it's not, and I'm not going to further make an idiot of myself by head-butting this here computer screen, so I think I'll just settle for a nice, calm 'hello!'


Now that that's over with, a bit about myself:

I'm twenty one years old, studying English Literature and Philosophy in a reputable Canadian University, and I'm a walking paradox: a blonde with a brain, a geek with a ditzy streak. The sociable loner. The shy extrovert.

I've been a writer since I've discovered the wonders of the internet at the spunky age of eleven and have spent the last ten years littering the information highway with stories that would make your daddy cry. I've only recently emerged as a (relatively) composed and mature member of the the internet community with only about a handful of works under my belt that I would be little less humiliated to share.

I usually dabble in Fantasy, dystopias and post-apocalyptic epics. Recently, I've been entertaining Vampires and the ghoulishly supernatural. My roots are as a gamer chick--D&D, PbP and a whole slew of other geeky sounding acronyms-- so there's little doubt that most of my works will give you that sort of an impression.

I've been looking far and wide for a writer's community and By George, I feel like I've found the perfect one!
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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, DaughterofEvil. I hope you will enojy it here. :)