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Quick Awards Guide (1 Viewer)

Darren White

co-owner and admin
Staff member
How to add your awards below your avatar.

1.) Click your profile (avatar + name, top of the page right.)
Once there, click on your name

profile - profile name.JPG

2) Click on the Awards Tab:

Awards Tab.JPG

3) Now, click on "Feature" on the right:


4) There are two tabs to choose from. Click "Available".


5) Here you can add the awards you wish to show, in any order you like. Awards you wish to ignore, you can leave out.
Don't forget to click "Save" once you're done.

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Mark Twain't

Staff member
Global Moderator
Got some notifications regarding awards & trophies when the forum came back but I don't seem to have the option to add them below my avatar

Darren White

co-owner and admin
Staff member
You can only add the awards if you already had earned some on the old forum :)
Unless I'm mistaken, you don't have any yet?


Senior Member
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