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Question about publishing author website (1 Viewer)


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I'm sure that this has been discussed at length in other threads, so I apologize for any redundancies here. I have plenty of academic publications from my day job, but nary a tale in print (although my first novel is, as Orwell might say, within measurable distance of its end). I understand the importance of having an author website, but without a single fiction publication to my name (yet!), is there any point in publishing an author website now? To be clear, I can see the point of working on my website now. I'm just uncertain about the usefulness/prudence/point of publishing it before I have at least one publication to mention and one forthcoming publication, or something like that. Does anyone have any advice on this front?

P.S. I can't see myself getting into blogging, at least not yet. (But who knows? Perhaps my thinking about blogging is too limited.)


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Just my two cents, but I wouldn't bother just yet, and maybe not at all. I'm not sure how important having a website is, assuming you're willing to participate in social media, and especially if you intend to self-publish on Amazon, Driving traffic to a website is a difficult/nearly impossible task, unless visitors have some reason to recognize your name, and assuming someone else hasn't already registered that domain. Same deal with a blog. What do you have to say that I might want to read if I've never heard of you?


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Thank you, Earp, and I see your points. I suppose one reply would be that author websites are (more or less?) expected by agents as an indication that the author is actively invested in marketing their work. (I should have mentioned that I'm leaning against going the self-publishing route at the moment, so I'm thinking of this in terms of a more traditional approach.)

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P.S. I can't see myself getting into blogging, at least not yet. (But who knows? Perhaps my thinking about blogging is too limited.)
I would check out our WF blog if I were you. Solely for writing purposes, poets, for journals. See if it is something for you. It's as good a place as any to try out blogging.