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Question about Crime and Punishment. spoilers. (1 Viewer)

I just finished it, and it's kinda embarrassing to ask, but I never understood one part about the novel. Late in the novel, a guy, referred to as an artisan, accuses Raskolnikov of being a murderer, and then he arrives at his apartment later on. What exactly was the deal with him? I re-read that scene a few times and never understood it, as to who he was.

The artisan guy I'm referring to was the one behind the partition, he was the surprise that Porfiry, the police guy, was talking about. The scene I'm confused about, here's part of it:

After he arrives at the house:

"What do you want?" Asked Raskolnikov, terrified.
The man was silent, suddenly he made a deep bow, almost to the ground. At least, he touched the ground with a finger of his right hand.
"Who are you?" Raskolnikov exclaimed.
"I am guilty." the man softly proclaimed.
"Of what?"
"Of evil thoughts."
They looked at eachother.
"I was angry, that time when you came around. Maybe you were drunk. You asked the janitors to come along to the police station, and you started asking about the blood. I was angry because they thought you were drunk and left you alone. I was so angry I couldn't sleep. I remembered your address, so yesterday we came here and inquired--"
"Who asked?" Raskolnikov said, little by little beginning to recollect.
"I did, I mean I wronged you."
"So you live in that house?"

That's part of the scene.
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