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QUESTION- 1980's, sex, drugs, violence. Would you watch? (1 Viewer)


Da Boss Emeritus
If you are wanting authenticity, Russian organised crime, 1980s, America, then your best bet is to relocate your story to Brooklyn, to an area of Brighton Beach that became known as Little Odessa.


Senior Member
I'm a pretty big fan of mafia-oriented stories. Goodfellas, The Godfather, The Casino... The Sopranos, Lilyhammer.

At the end of the day, my only word of caution would be to take care not to replicate what's already been done... because this kind of thing has been done a lot.

Arthur G. Mustard

Senior Member
Sounds like an excellent idea. I loved the 80's; the music, the fashion, films, TV, radio. This decade offers massive scope and ideas for any writer, but unfortunately it sounds like I could be on the wrong side of the pond to offer any help. Good luck though and like others have already said, masses of research is needed to make it believable; you have to take people to the decade.


Senior Member
Russian drug lords seem anachronistic in a show set before the fall of the soviet union. The 80s would be a fun era to write a show in though. Include lots of 80s hard rock with your drugs for maximum party and decadence.