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Query Letter, which email account do I use (1 Viewer)


I have 2 email accounts. One is for everyday life and one is for all-things writing. The everyday life email is (the following is an example) [email protected]. Pretty straightforward. My last name followed by my first name. However, my 2nd email is not professional. It is roughly tootsiepop***@email.com. At least, that is the partial email name and clearly not professional. Which one would you email a query from? Does it really matter? Thanks!


I think it matters. It's not unlike sending an email to apply for a job. You want it to be as professional as possible. If you don't want to mix your professional, every day life with all things writing, go create another free gmail account with some professional variation of your name.

A silly email address may not get you instantly rejected, but if the agent notices it, it's likely to affect their initial impression of you. If you're a complete stranger to this agent, that initial impression is likely all you're going to get.